Services Are Undertaken By ATAMAN & ATM LLC

To present the meal which is prepared under the healty condition.

To distribute the meal which is suitable condition from dining hall.

To ensure the kitchen and the dining hall which is demanding to clean.

To present the meal which is suitable time at your firm working hours.

To supply the LPG and the food supplies which are used in the meal.

To supply the fixtures and equipment of the kitchen.

To provide for checking the foodstuff used in the kitchen whenever wanted.

To have personal worked in the kitchen portor check up.

To perform responsibilities.

To be Given The Services By Our Firm

To provide for the building of the kitchen and the cafeteria.

To ensure the electric, hot and cold water which is used in the cafateria.

To provide for the bed and the accommodation of the workman who work in the cafeteria

To ensure the table and chairs which will be used in the cafeteria

To provide us to notify of the available of the staffs who will eat in the worksite one day before

To provide the transplantitaon out from the worksite of the waste and the garbage of the materials used in the kitchen



4 kind + Tea + Bread

Breakfast Supplies

Cheese, olive, jam, salami, sausage, eggs, if desired, soups, patty, tomatoes, cucumbers and vegetables in the summer will be given alternately. Butter and honey will be given for two days a week.

Lunch and dinner

4 kind + Bread

1. Soup and varieties

2. Meat and Meat Types

3. Rice and Pasta Types

4. Yogurt, dessert, salad and fruit

Separate menus for lunch and dinner, will be applied.

Per week 3 days 6 meals meals, other days will be given alternating types of fleshy vegetables and legumes.

At meals; Chicken, meatballs, meat, etc. Except for eating portions and bread will not be limited.